The Term 'Realness'..

  • The Original Definition:The ability to blend. The skill of a homosexual, usually black or latino, to be able to walk the streets without the assumption of being gay. Made popular from the documetnary film "Paris is Burning" in 1991 as a popular category of a Ballroom Scene. ie: "Schoolboy Realness" having the look of a teenage boy who would be able to go to school without being harassed.
  • This New Definition:A term used to make any adjective a noun. Overdone by the popular Logo reality tv show "RuPaul's Drag Race" by clueless white queens. ie: "I'm serving you some Trashcan Primadonna Cleopatra Judy Garland Realness" which is a phrase that literally makes no sense smh.
  • they shouldn't put opinions in definitions.
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